Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae (Tannadice)

Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae is a title given to books containing lists of ministers from the Church of Scotland. The original volumes covered all ministers of the Established Church of Scotland (prior to the union of the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church of Scotland in 1929). The table below is compiled primarily from Volume V (5) which covers Fife, Angus and The Mearns. Updates from Volume VIII (8) have been incorporated. Original content is available on the internet. In the content below, abreviations have been expanded to aid reading, In a few entries other sources have been added to add clarity. Any ommisions/corrections are welcome. 
The ministers from 1930 to the present date have been listed, it is anticipated this will be updated as information is published. 
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Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae
Notes & Biographical Information
James Kinloch
James Melville M.A.
Minister in charge 1563, and at Fearn and Menmuir; transferred to Menmuir after 29th July 1568
James Rait
Minister in 1567, with Aberlemno also in charge; transferred to Lanark (Lanarkshire) before 1574
Alexander Gordon
Edward Chisholm
James Ramsay of Wester Ogil
Minister of Aberlemno 1585; removed to Auldbar 1586, but returned 1591; transferred & admitted here 1597; still minister 10th April 1621; married. Christian Dempster; issue: James, Agnes
Alexander Pitcairn M.A
Son of David Pitcairn of Forthar; M.A. St Andrew(22nd July 1608); was an "expectant" 4th September 1611; his trials were approved 7th October 1617 When he was admitted. (probably colleague or assistant ); In 1641 he petitioned Parliament for relief, his house having been broken into during the night. "so that he was spulzied of money, goods and plenishing, his life threatened with a dirk, and himself, wife and children left naked"; still minister 29th November 1648 , and had his case recommended to the Privy Council by Parliament 22nd February 1661; he married. Lucrece Cairncross; issue: Alexander, minister of Dron (Perthshire); Isobel; Margaret; Jean; died before 1674; He is said to have married Elizabeth, daughter of John Sinclair, dean of St Andrews
Robert Rule M.A.
Minister circa 1648; transferred to 2nd charge Stirling and admitted by the Protesting Presbytery 12th July 1655
William Esson
Admitted before 23rd January 1658; transferred to Auchtergaven (Perthshire) between 21st November and 19th December 1666
James Carstairs M.A.
Ordained 22nd August 1667; transferred to Inchture(Perthshire) 22nd March 1682
Patrick Lyon M.A.
Ordained before 1st November 1682; transferred to Kinghorn(Fife) 19th May 1686
George Lyon M.A.
Sixth and youngest son of William Lyon of Easter Ogil; brother of above Mr Patrick Lyon; Educated University of St Andrews M.A. (24th July 1679); passed trials before Presbytery of Haddington, and certified for licence 4th December 1684, ordained circa 1688; demitted 12th April 1716; he married and had issue: Margaret; Mary; a son who was hanged for participation in the Rising of 1715 (Case of Greenshields)
William Oliphant
Licenced by Presbytery of Edinburgh (1st October 1712); called 27th September, appointed by the Presbytery 29th November and Ordained 13th December 1716; deposed for drunkenness 17th Oct 1723, but reponed 22nd October 1724, the sentence being considered "so iniquitous."
John Ogilvie of Quiech
Son of John Ogilvie of Shielhill (to whom he was served heir 22nd July 1741); licenced by United Presbytery of Brechin and Arbroath 25th December 1705; ordained. to Cortachy 18th September 1706; called by the Presbytery 17th June; transferred and admitted 1st October 1724; died April 1742; married (1) 14th October 1714 Margaret Lidderdale, Montrose; married (2) 1729 Catherine Findlay; issue: Robert , served heir 12th January 1744; Catherine (married John Edgar of Keithock) (Services of Heirs; Jervise's Land of the Lindsays, 339)
John Weath M.A.
born circa 1704, a native of Angus; educated at University and King's College Aberdeen M.A. (1st April 1724); master of the Grammar School of Brechin; Licenced by Presbytery of Brechin 2nd August 1732; called 18th November by the Presbytery jure devoluto 15th December 1742; ordained 31st March 1743; died 27th April 1766; married 27th December 1743, Jean Dow, widow of John Johnston, minister of 2nd charge Brechin; she died (s.p.. (sine prole - without offspring) 10th March 1767
John Buik
Licenced by Presbytery of Dundee 3rd May 1758; presented by the Principal and Professors of the New College, St Andrews, 25th September 1766; ordained 5th November 1767; died 8th April 1796. He married 23rd February 1747, Elizabeth Balfour who died 3rd February 1773 and had issue Catharine. born 21st March 1748 (married 8th January 1773, James McDiarmid, minister of Weem (Perthshire); James, born 16th November 1750, died young
John Buist of Tillywhanlaw
(Also of Kirkton of Aberlemno) born circa 1762 Abdie (by Newburgh)(Fife), son of George Buist; Educated at University of St. Andrews; licenced by Presbytery of Cupar 7th February 1786; presented by Principal and Professors of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews. in June and ordained 15th September 1796; died 9th December 1845; He had a rare fund of humour and was very ready at repartee. He married 25th February 1802 Margaret (died 4th March 1866 aged 86), daughter of James Jafferson, and had issue: Jean, born 23rd March 1803; George., LL.D., F.R.S.; eminent Indian journalist and scientific observer, editor of the Bombay Times, born 17th November 1804; licenced by Presbytery of Forfar 1846, died in Calcutta, 1st October 1860; Isobel, born 31st July 1806; Elizabeth, born 25th June 1808 (married Joseph Loudon, minister of Dalziel(Lanarkshire); James Jafferson, merchant, Dundee, born 31st July 1810, died 28th March 1844; Margaret Johnson, born 12th June 1812, died 13th August 1846; John, born 22nd November 1815,died 7th June 1824; Alexander Jafferson, born 10th February 1818; Charles Guthrie, born 19th August 1822, died 3rd December 1836
William Allan M.A.
born Dumfries 1815, third son of William Allan, manufacturer of woollen fabrics, and Jean Beattie; educated at Universities of Glasgow and St. Andrews, M.A. St Andrews 1840; licenced by Presbytery of Arbroath; ordained (assistant and successor) 9th October 1845; died 26th April 1870. He married, 10th August 1845, Mary Ann, daughter of John Bartlett, farmer, and Mary Smith; she married (2) 15th August 1871
Frederick Johnston M.A.
born Balmerino (Fife) 1843, son of George Johnston, farmer; educated at St. Andrews; M.A.(1840); ordained 10th November 1870; died 28th December 1882. He married 9th October 1872 Jessie (died (s.p.. (sine prole - without offspring) in Edinburgh 22nd August 1916), daughter of James Borwick, minister of U.P. Kirk, Rathillet, Fife;
John Herkless M.A.
ordained 15th June 1883; appointed Professor of Ecclesiastical History & Divinity, St Andrews 27 Mar 1894; demitted 15th November 1894
Charles Stewart M.A.,B.D.
ordained 19th April 1895; transferred to Coupar Angus 12th June 1902
David Fraser Liddle M.A. B.D.
born 19th October 1873, Crieff (Perthshire), son of John Liddle.; M.A. 1896, B.D. 1899 Glasgow; assistant St Paul's Dundee; ordained 6th November 1902; translated to St. Margaret's Arbroath 26th December 1907; died 17th October 1936; married Catherine Pinckney, daughter of Edward MacIntyre Smith; issue: Louise; Catherine.
Brodie Smith Gilfillan M.A. B.D.
born 9th October 1877, son of Robert Gilfillan; M.A. Glasgow 1899; B.D.; ord. 30 Apr 1908; tr. to Inch(Wigton, Presbytery of Stranraer) 29th November 1916; married Helen Johnston, daughter of John Smith; issue: Helen Esther; John Brodie Smith
Charles Edwin Forster M.A. B.D.
born 19th October 1870 Bedlington, Northumberland, son of Joseph Forster; M.A. Edinburgh 1906; ordained to Congregational Church Macclesfield 22nd October 1902; admitted to Church of Scotland 28th May 1914; assistant W. St Giles Edinburgh; locumtenens Inverness; ordained 12th April 1917; translated to Aberdeen South 27th April 1921; married 1902 Marion, daughter of Captain William Kell; had issue
William Robertson Smart M.A. B.D.
born 28th December 1891, Liff, son of Thomas Robertson Smart; M.A. 1913 B.D. 1916 St Andrews; assistant Kirkcaldy, Morningside Edinburgh; ordained 7th September 1921; transferred to Kennoway (Fife) 18th May 1925; married 6th April 1922 Alison Maxwell, only daughter of Thomas Sanderson, Hatton Place, Edinburgh; had issue, Norman Sanderson born 27th August 1924
Donald MacGilvray Beaton M.A. B.D.
born 14th March 1871 Gorbals (Lanarkshire), son of John Beaton.; M.A. 1897 B.D. 1903 Glasgow; assistant. Shettleston and Bothwell; missionary Kames, Muirkirk, Drumclog; assistant St George's Glasgow; ordained to Leslie (Aberdeenshire) 6th December 1917; translated from Leslie (Garrioch) 24th September 1925; translated. to Glenrinnes 31st May 1929; died 10th September 1942; married 1920 Janette, daughter of George. L. Simpson
Rev James McMurray
Rev George Hudson
Rev J. Dempster Taylor
Rev A.M. MacKinnon
Rev Andrew Jolly
Rev W McCulloch
Rev David Taverner
Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae
Notes & Biographical Information
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