Tannadice and Beyond
From "Tannadice and Beyond"
"Take a wonderful journey through the years showing how people lived in our local area of Tannadice and Beyond.
We hope to some it will bring back memories and give the younger generation an insight into what it used to be like before they were born."
The electronic versions of the books "Tannadice and Beyond" and "Captured on Camera Tannadice and Beyond" are made available Free through the generous support of members of the committee involved in the production of the originals. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the church can use the link on the "Welcome" page of this website.
The books can be accessed from the "Introduction" article below. As the files are quite large, some technical help is provided in a second article to ensure the books are available to a wide audience.
In relating the history of the church and community, we have tried to present the information in a unique and interesting manner. The "Time Line Stories" bring together events in Local Church history on a timeline showing significant events in Scotland and elsewhere in the world, giving a context to the sometimes limited records. The are two "Stories" covering the periods 500 - 1500 AD and 1500 - 1900 AD. These "Stories", a series of web pages,  can be found on the History tab of our website.
For the 100 years after 1900, there could be no better record than the book "Tannadice and Beyond (Tannadice, Oathlaw, Finavon, Justinhaugh, Fern and Glenogil)" and the book which followed it  "Captured on Camera (Tannadice and Beyond)".
With the permission (and encouragement) of local members of the committee involved in producing the books, we have been able to have the books professionally scanned and presented here. The original printing plates are no longer available, however now scanned, the content is preserved for future generations. The books can be read on PC/Laptop, Ipad/Tablet or even mobile phone !
The files are in PDF format and can be read directly or downloaded to be read offline or transferred to e-Readers / Kindle type device.  As the files are relatively large (74MB / 415 MB), a technical article HERE gives some advice on using the files.
Tannadice and Beyond
Captured on Camera
Tannadice and Beyond Web Reader : Click HERE
Captured on Camera Web Reader : Click HERE
The information provided here is intended to provide some help in reading the PDF e-Books which can be accessed on this web site.
There are 2 books, "Tannadice and Beyond" and "Captured on Camera", published in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The books are no longer in print and the printer no longer has the means to re-print. "Tannadice and Beyond" consists of both text and pictures, "Captured on Camera" is primarily pictures/images with notes describing the scene.  With no re-course to the original files for conversion to books readable on a computer, it was decided to have the books professionally scanned.
The scanning process had to ensure the resulting files were usable by computers/electronic devices which are commonly available, this resulted in a trade-off between file size and image resolution. Low Resolution would result in small file sizes but poor image quality, higher resolution would improve image quality but result in files too large to be easily managed by home computers. The files available here are 74 Megabytes for "Tannadice and Beyond" and 415 Megabytes for "Captured on Camera". These sizes should be born in mind for users who pay for the data used (e.g. Mobile Phone Tariffs / Internet Contracts with limited 'free' data.)
Access to the Books
The books are provided free of charge and can be read, downloaded and even printed, we would request that any activity respects the generosity of the original producers in making the content available and that no commercial use is made of the content.
The article "Tannadice and Beyond Introduction" has 2 links for each book, by clicking (mouse) or tapping (tablet/Ipad) should result in the following actions:-
a) Direct Link :- This should result it the PDF file being accessed by the web browser of your device operating system (ie Windows:Explorer/Edge/Chrome/etc; Mac:Safari/Chrome/Firefox/etc; Similar for Ipad/Android/Chromebook). Depending upon settings the system should offer the choice to Open and/or Download the file and then open with the default PDF reader. This would often be ADOBE PDF READER, other PDF readers are available. Some browsers, eg. Chrome, have a PDF reader 'built in', ie no extra software required.
b) Web Reader :-  Selecting this link will invoke the PDF reader built in to the web site, i.e. the same reader used to display/read other documents within the site. The table below gives an explanation of the icons used to control the various actions which can be used to aid readability.
The best options to use, such as ZOOM, PRESENTATION MODE, PAGE ADVANCE, etc., will depend upon the configuration and capability of your device. 
No Optical Character Regcognition (OCR) software was used during the scanning process therefore word search feature will not find any results.
The best reading experience can probably be gained by using an IPAD or Android Tablet device, together with an appropriate e-Reader app. There are numerous FREE apps available, it should not be necessary to make any payment. In the first instance, the file(s) would be downloaded to a PC or direct to the device, transfer to the device would normally be done via USB cable or Wi-Fi transfer, the e-Reader app would then be used to open the file.
Kindle: The Kindle e-reader can be used to read the books, however there are some colour images which will not be rendered and limited experience of Kindle (and other 'e-Ink' devices (eg Kobo)) suggests that display of images will be dissapointing, particularly as some of the originals within the books lack contrast and definition.
Further help can be provided via the Church "Open Doors" facility (Currently operating via "ZOOM" on a Monday) or by email to
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